Suicide or Homo-cide?

A gay student’s death births outrage

You know Ty Clementi who took his own life.
He jumped to his death (so some say).
But those who know better insist he was pushed
by bullies convinced Ty was gay.

That gifted violinist in search of a beau
was shamed by his roommate and friend.
Through Skype and through Facebook Ty’s closet was bugged
which prompted his premature end.

Regardless of how you explain same-sex love,
all persons are precious to God.
We’re shaped in His image. He formed us with care
while breathing His life into sod.

Gay people are people. And whether you think
that nurture or nature’s the cause,
Christ calls us to love them convinced of this truth:
no one measures up to God’s laws.

God, bless Tyler’s parents. Please give them the means
to deal with their heartbreaking loss.
And give us the courage to stand up to hate
because we’ve been loved through the cross.