Time’s Man, Facebook’s Face

A poetic profile of Mark Zuckerberg;
Yes, Virginia, There’s a God

Time’s Man, Facebook’s Face
A poetic profile of Mark Zuckerberg

The face of Facebook is on Time
and thus the subject of this rhyme.
The status of Mark Zuckerberg
is clear for all to see.

But not his skin. He’s twenty-six.
His baby-face contends with zits.
Time’s man for this year is a kid,
but smart. I kid you not.

His profile page speaks for itself
with education, fame and wealth.
This prodigy may seem a nerd,
but he has countless friends.

Mark’s made his mark (and billions too)
and made it fun for me and you
to reconnect with long-lost chums
we haven’t seen in years.

And yet I wonder, Mr. Z,
in spite of your celebrity
(behind those eyes that rarely blink)
are you alive to life?

Yes, Virginia, There’s a God
Affirming the Almighty’s Existence at Christmas

Yes, Virginia, there’s a God.
Ask Utah. She believes.
But Washington and Oregon?
They aren’t so sure it seems.

In the Bible Belt belief’s a cinch.
In New England self is king.
Where pilgrims landed faith is rare.
Reason’s the main thing.

But reason bows to mystery.
It must. We aren’t that smart.
Dear Lord, Your ways defy our grasp.
We sing “How Great Thou Art.”

We also sing “Joy to the World”
because You sent Your Son.
That silent night so long ago
Your greatest work was done.