Don’t Ask? Don’t Tell?

What would the Generals say?;
Confronting Taller Ants

Don’t Ask? Don’t Tell?
What would the Generals say?

Generals Patton and Mac Arthur
had no clue just who was gay.
But now that you can ask and tell,
I wonder what they’d say.

Would they accept it as the norm
or would they think it queer
that gays who shower next to straights
can scan the crowd and leer?

How would they view esprit de corps
with troops who don’t agree
on what it means to be a man
or who their crush might be?

Would they prefer to not take sides
and look the other way?
Or would they buck what Congress did
in tolerance of gays?

Confronting Taller Ants
What bugs me about our culture

Taller ants. They’re all the rage.
They are the mascots of our age.
But lest we think they’re all so great,
remember they’re still ants.

It bugs me that they think they’re hot
and act like shorter ants are not.
But ants are ants and nothing more.
How dare they rule our lives?

It’s time that taller ants take note.
There’s no free pass for those who gloat
about what culture claims as fair
that actually is not.

* taller ants is often spelled “tolerance”