The Sheen Has Lost His Luster

Why Charlie’s “winning” is really losing

Charlie Sheen has lost his luster
More than that, he’s lost his job.
He’s a loser plain and simple
and he looks just like a slob.

He’s addicted to his ego.
He’s enslaved by drugs and booze.
He makes love like some make popcorn.
All in all he’s bound to lose.

Bob and Max have lost their daddy.
And for him we’ve lost respect.
Lost in space, he’s lost his bearings.
Charlie Sheen’s a derelict.

What was it his show was titled?
Two men and a half-a-one?
Guess we know who is the “half-a.”
Sadly, his career seems done.

Falling stars have tragic endings.
They just plummet from the sky.
Hell-bent comets from the heavens
leave us speechless wondering why.