Death’s Comeuppance

The day Death was served its just desserts

In the shadows of the darkness
on the day the headlines lied,
dawning light revealed a mystery.
Death at last had been defied.

Rumors flew. “His body’s missing!”
“It is nowhere to be found!”
“Could it be the place they laid Him
has become most holy ground?”

Absolutely! Without question!
Joseph’s Garden was much more
than a yard of bones and ashes.
Here was Heaven’s open door.

What had sealed his death on Friday
(that gigantic rolling stone)
had been moved permitting entrance
to the cave His corpse had known.

Strips that wrapped His stone-cold body
like a mummy still were there.
But this body bag of linen
boasted nothing but thin air.

Death’s comeuppance some have called it.
Satan’s curse that had been cast
was reversed that Sunday morning.
Life springs forth! The winter’s past.

“Christ is risen!” tulips trumpet.
Lilies echo their refrain.
Crocuses soon join the chorus
and the daffodils the same.

Spring is Nature’s sure reminder
of life’s power over death.
In the ancient Easter story,
lifeless lungs receive fresh breath.

Wind of God, sweet breath of Heaven,
as with Jesus, once again.
Breathe on us, most Holy Spirit,
winded women, winded men.

May this Day of Resurrection
animate our souls anew.
Through the hymns and words of Scripture
calibrate us, Lord, to You.