America the Not-So-Beautiful

Why we’ll plead the Fifth on the Fourth

I’m wondering if Honest Abe
is turning over in his grave
as two successive governors
are jailed in Illinois.

And what about in New York state
where same-sex couples celebrate
that “marriage” has been redefined.
My God, what’s going on?

And did you know in Albany
the governor’s morality
permits his girlfriend act as wife
without exchanging vows?

And what about those we ordain
to serve God’s flock in Jesus’ name?
Have we ignored what He requires
insisting we know best?

What’s with our nation’s highest court
whose recent ruling came up short
suggesting violent X-Box games
are safe for little kids?

Our once-blessed nation stands condemned
because of ways we’ve boldly sinned.
And so this Fourth we’ll plead the fifth
and try to dodge our guilt.

America the beautiful?
Since tolerance became so cool
we’ve lost the beauty we once claimed.
The light’s gone from our eyes!