When the Hometown Team’s a Heartbreaker

Losing hurts more than winning feels good

When the hometown team begins to win
you give those guys your heart.
But that same heart begins to break
when it all falls apart.

It’s like a love affair gone bad
when they start losing lots.
It seems they’re cheating on their vows.
It’s gut-wrenching. It sucks!

They lose your trust each losing streak.
(Such trust can’t be regained).
But just when you have lost all faith,
they start to win again.

Your heart can’t take it. Nor can mine.
Such inconsistency
is cause for cardiac arrest.
So where’s that EKG?

* My Seattle Mariners are breaking my heart once again. But I know I’m not alone. Chicago Cubs fans are used to being on a yo-yo string. Other hometown teams have left their loyal fans clutching their chests. There is nothing quite like giving your team your heart only to have it broken over and over again.