And They’re Off!

The county fair campaigning has begun; Obama’s Big Black Bus

And They’re Off!
The county fair campaigning has begun

Back in Iowa they’re running
and much like an old sack race,
they are clumsy and off-balance.
Each one falls flat on his face.

It’s a dirty, bloody contest
as they scrap to take the lead
with the campaign soon approaching
and tea party-ers to heed.

Yes, the White House run is brutal
as the candidates well know.
County fairs aren’t 4-H friendly
where they judge the “best-of-show.”

It’s an up-for-grabs beginning
and there’re twelve more months to gauge
who’ll survive and still be standing
having shown they’ve come of age.

Obama’s Big Black Bus
What’s wrong with this picture?

So have you heard about “the bus?”
I call it Ground Farce One.
It is Barack’s Campaign Trail-ways.
It’s really kinda dumb.

Obama’s big dark bus might hint
that Johnny Cash is back.
A country band would love his “ride.”
The White House man in black.

This Presidential Greyhound is
a hearse-like waste of funds.
Why is our President on tour?
Is his debt homework all done?

His re-election chances might
pick up and start to grow
if he stayed home to find some jobs
instead of hit the road.