The Hostages are Home

Lessons from Shane and Josh’s release; The Nightmare in Nevada

The Hostages are Home
Lessons from Shane and Josh’s release

We feared that they would come home dead,
but they’ve returned alive instead.
“Go, take a hike!” the hikers heard.
“You two are free to go!”

But freedom always has a price.
Some ransom, bail or sacrifice.
For Shane and Josh the cost was paid.
as they (imprisoned) hoped.

That’s also true of you and me
who without Christ would not be free.
For we like them could not make good
on what (God deemed) we owed.

But thanks to Him the price was paid
and from the dank and dismal shade,
we walked into the brilliant sun
to dance to freedom’s song.

The Nightmare in Nightmare
Tragedy at the Reno Air Show

What are the odds
that the air show in Reno
would prove to be such a gamble?

Scores scrambled and ran for the lives.
Wives, husbands, grandparents, children.
But not all.
Some couldn’t.
There wasn’t time.

At least eleven died
as the Galloping Ghost
bucked off her rider
before blindly barreling
into that unsuspecting crowd.

For crying out loud!
In light of the tragedy
that has cast a dark pall over our nation,
weeping in silence is hardly inappropriate.
It is the right way to respond
to such an unthinkable wrong.