Keeping up with the Kardashians

The low down on love and storybook romance

The fairytale’s over!
The glass slipper cracked!
The coach is a pumpkin again!
But Kimmie, you’re grown up.
A marriage takes work.
So why divorce Kris on a whim?

Real life isn’t easy.
Commitment’s the key.
It takes all you have to hold on.
Prince Charming’s for children.
You need more than him
when Hollywood romance is gone.

Bad breath in the morning
and socks on the floor
and dishes stacked up in the sink.
There’re chinks in the armor
and dents in the car.
More often than not life can stink.

And feelings are fleeting.
And passion (like fruit)
has its season. But true love’s like wine.
It’s best when time passes
and memories age
as vows stand the long test of time.