A Tip of the Cap to Fenway Park

A tribute to major league baseball’s oldest stadium;
A Needle in the Clouds

A Tip of the Cap to Fenway Park
A tribute to major league baseball’s oldest stadium

The very week a ship’s doomed voyage
would break a nation’s heart,*
a Boston landmark came to be.
They called it Fenway Park.

That field of dreams became the home
of Bean Town’s summer boys.
A storied place where fans would cheer
and make a lot of noise.

When Honey Fitz tossed out the ball**
on that historic day,
he had no clue his grandson Jack
would lead the USA.

The Triangle and Monster Green
would soon become old friends
to comfort those within the stands
when losses outweighed wins.

A hundred years have come and gone
since Fenway Park began.
And so we celebrate this place
beloved by Red Sox fans.

* Five days after the RMS Titanic sunk in 1912, the historic home of the Boston Red Sox opened.
** John Francis (Honey Fitz) Fitzgerald was the maternal grandfather of John F. Kennedy who (was born in 1917).

A Needle in the Clouds
Celebrating Seattle’s iconic landmark

A needle in a haystack? No!
A needle in the clouds.
A World’s Fair symbol that still draws
Seattle’s airborne crowds.

A half a century has passed
since that orange saucer lay
atop a steel beige pedestal
in rainy skies of gray.

The kid who watched the needle built
was but a boy of ten
who dined within the restaurant
while it would slowly spin.

I’m still amazed (and oh so proud)
to see the Needle stand
now that the wide-eyed little boy’s
a sixty-year-old man.