A State of Indecision

Washington debates same-sex marriage

The state in which I live
is in a state of deciding
whether gay couples
should be issued
a license to wed.

It is
a complicated issue
to be sure.

It’s divid-
ing fam-
ting church-
and fractur-
ing friend-

Some say it’s a matter of
equality and fairness.
They contend it’s all about
compassion and love.

I’ve even heard it said
the marriage bed
does not discriminate.
That homosexual matrimony
is marriage come-of-age.

They see it as front page news.
Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!
“Tolerance Wins the Day!”

But not all feel that way.

More than a few view
society’s openness
as simply
closing ones eyes
to Truth.

For them an open mind
means turning a blind eye
to righteousness
and disregarding the values
humankind has embraced
since the Creator 
the first dance
at that Garden wedding.

One man. One woman.
And the two became one-flesh.

By definition
marriage is a sacred word
and messing with it seems absurd.
Why redefine what history
has hallowed as what’s right?

Why indeed?

Why sanctifiy unnatural affection?
Why thumb our noses at God’s intention?
Why cave to pressures to comform
and doubt what Scripture claims?

Why not simply affirm what marriage is
while granting human rights and respect
to all who are made in God’s image?