She Still Stands!

Lady Liberty symbolizes America’s strength

There’s a lady in the harbor
who stood up to Sandy’s wrath
as the crashing waves and wind closed New York down.
With her torch raised up toward heaven
she defied impending doom
while protecting what she hails as sacred ground.

On that grave September morning
when twin towers fell to earth,
she stood up to evil’s onslaught from the sky.
With her chiseled face of courage
she stared down our enemies
and in silence staked a claim for liberty.

As our ancestors sailed westward
she stood up to welcome them
to her land of hope and opportunity.
And the torchlight of her beacon
quenched the darkness of their past
as it lit a path for those who would be free.

She still stands though peril threatens
to destroy our hopes and dreams.
She’s a symbol of tomorrow’s healing dawn.
We can weather what assails us
and rebuild what’s been destroyed,
for that lady in the harbor cheers us on.