Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve Been Thinkin’

Pondering Lincoln’s legacy on the 204th anniversary of his birth

Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve been thinkin’
after seeing Spielberg’s flick
’bout the way you led our nation
when it was seduced and sick.

Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve been wond’ring
if you felt misunderstood
when your friends and critics fought you
as you lobbied to do good.

Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve been praying
that your brave and godly life
will be replicated often
as our country bleeds from strife.

Lincoln, Lincoln, I’ve still hoping
what you dreamed of will come true.
Charity, no room for malice,
choosing right in what we do.

This poem about Lincoln is dedicated to my longtime friend Congressman Peter J. Roskam. The Honorable Mr. Roskam has represented the 6th District in Lincoln’s home state of Illinois since 2007. From my perspective, Peter is a brave and godly man who seeks to replicate our 16th President’s perspective of “charity for all and malice toward none.”