I Have the Right to Bear Arms

The question is do you?

Do I have the right to bear arms?
That’s the question in the news.
Every day it seems to trigger much debate.
But the arms of which you’re thinking
aren’t the ones I have in mind.
Please don’t judge me prematurely. Just you wait.

For I have the right to bear arms.
After all, it’s in my genes.
My father was quite hairy like his dad.
Their arms and legs were bushy
like a grizzly in the wild.
It’s a simple fact of life not good or bad.

And I have the right to eagle eyes.
It is just the way I see
as I focus on the things most people miss.
I’m aware of countless details
to which many friends are blind
as when closing both their eyes each time they kiss.

And I have the right to pigeon toes.
They may be for the birds,
but it’s just the way they point each time I walk.
With my right foot pointing leftward
and my left one pointing right,
it’s no wonder other people like to talk.