Climbing the Family Tree

In celebration of family reunions

A family reunion
is a portrait of a clan.
You see your relatives with warts and all.
But you also see their beauty
and what makes each one unique.
The young and old, the pudgy, short and tall.

A family reunion
is a shimmy up a tree.
It’s quite fun to see how limbs and branches grow.
And you feel just like a child
as you flit from here to there
‘mid the laughter, tears and things you tell and show.

A family reunion
is a history book of life.
It’s a volume of God’s faithfulness and love.
On each page are found the stories
that are told time and again
’bout our relatives both here and those above.

A family reunion
is a chance to make amends
or to verbalize affection one last time.
It”s that time and place where cousins
can attest how thick is blood
and observe (first-hand) the reason for this rhyme.