A Toast to a Dimpled Temple

Remembering the life of a beloved child star; A Final Salute to Sid

A Toast to a Dimpled Temple
Remembering the life of a beloved child star

A child star-turned-diplomat,
that darling Shirley Temple Black
has left us with sweet memories
of Curly Top and more.

The Good Ship Lollipop has sailed
beyond our sight with one who nailed
each part that pint-size actress played
(some forty films in all).

Bojangles taught her how to dance
in petticoats or sailor pants
while Jean Hersholt helped Heidi see
a dear grandfather’s love.

When my mom was a little girl,
she emulated Shirley’s curls
insisting that her mother set
her hair just like the star’s.

And when I was a little boy,
my brother ordered up a “Roy.”
But Shirley Temple was my drink.
A 7-up made pink.

And so I lift my glass to say,
“I’m sad that Shirley’s passed away,
but grateful for her good long life.
Peace to her memory!”

A Final Salute to Sid
Rendering unto Caesar our respects

We rendered unto Caesar laughs.
We laughed so hard we cried.
But now we render our respects
with news that Sid has died.

“Your Show of Shows” was Caesar’s throne
when TV was quite new.
His brand of humor reigned supreme.
And no one asked “Sid who?”

But now that this great comic’s gone,
I’m very sad to say
that few (if any) folks I know
care that Sid passed away.

Peace to his memory!