Looking for the Lost

The search for a missing airliner and those far from God

A plane-load of people en route to Beijing
has conjured up memories of “Lost.”
And the world has been searching
with focused intent without any thought of the cost.

These unified nations are looking as one
to find those who’ve vanished from view.
The search has been endless for loved ones deemed lost.
It’s a feverish hunt for some clue.

Much the same we’ve been called to go look for the lost,
little lambs who have fled from God’s fold.
His shepherd-heart longs for the lost to be found.
It’s a message that’s older than old.

And we are the ones He’s enlisted to search
for the sheep who wandered away.
We’re the Good Shepherd’s posse that cannot give up
as we follow each lead while we pray.

If only we Christians would be unified
like the nations that look for that plane.
The fruit of our efforts would greatly increase
if in oneness we shared that one aim.