The Tulips Trumpet an Easter Tune

The Skagit Valley offers hope to the heartbroken of Oso

They’re, oh, so sad but, Oso strong
as people sing their funeral songs
in churches where they voice their faith
amid the loss they bear.

Not far from where they grieve the dead,
a host of tulips raise their heads
and trumpet hope amid despair.
Their fanfare calms our fear.

The Easter tune the tulips play
suggests a myst’ry underway.
Within the colored fields we see
a miracle displayed.

Those buried bulbs beneath the ground
(much like the bodies not yet found)
cannot be written off as gone.
In time they’ll rise again.

* Not far from the devastated area where many lost their lives and homes in the mudslide, the world-renown Skagit Valley boasts some of the most beautiful tulip fields in the world.