The Kingdom Restored

How King Jesus deposed an imposter called death

In a garden, in the shadows,
back when death usurped life’s throne
the kingdom God intended went awry.
Yes, death ruled with ruthless terror
breaking hearts and robbing hope
with an edict that his subjects had to die.

But in another garden
long ago and far away,
the King unseated death and claimed His crown.
Yes, He banished the imposter
 ‘tho it cost the King His life
and a three-day weekend buried underground.

And on this Easter Sunday
as the lilies lift their heads
to announce the King of Life reigns once again,
can’t you hear the tulips’ fanfare
in earth’s gardens near and far
as they trumpet out a resurrection hymn?

Hallelujah, Christ is risen!
Hallelujah, Jesus reigns
for the kingdom of our God and of His Christ
is impervious to traitors
who deny what’s been achieved
by the King of Life who paid redemption’s price.