A Tribute to Moody’s Mike Kellogg

Saying farewell to an all-night friend; The Caged Bird is Finally Free

A Tribute to Moody’s Mike Kellogg
Saying farewell to an all-night friend

Through the night all through these years,
your deep warm voice has calmed our fears.
Like corn flakes in the early morn,
you’re breakfast for the soul.

For those who have to work til dawn,
your words of insight urged them on
to do their best and keep the faith
amid their loneliness.

And for the restless counting sheep,
you lullabyed them into sleep
through music and the spoken word
that helped them hear God’s heart.

Yes, through the years all through the night
you helped us as we faced the fight.
You’ve been a means of grace to me
and countless listeners!

Thanks, Mike!

*Today Mike Kellogg retires from Moody after 42 years on the radio. If you aren’t aware of Mike Kellogg’s program “Music Through the Night” on Moody Broadcasting Network, just GOOGLE his name.

The Caged Bird is Finally Free
Remembering Maya Angelou

The caged bird’s sung
her final song.
At last, she’s been set free.
That warm deep voice
that called to us
is now a memory.

She rhymed us
into civil rights.
Like Michelangelo,
her art brought
moral truth to life.
We’ll miss Miss Angelou.

Peace to her memory!

(I got to hear Maya Angelou speak at a leadership conference at the United Center in Chicago 15 years ago. She began her speech singing a song acapella. Very effective!)