Lou Gehrig’s Ice Bucket Challenge

A viral phenomenon on Facebook

A pail of water on the rocks
poured out on someone’s head
is raising funds for A.L.S.
to honor those now dead.

This viral challenge you have seen
includes some friends you know.
They’ve gotten soaked or sent a check
to beat this heartless foe.

It robs you of your arms and legs.
In time it steals your breath.
This dreaded thief called A.L.S.
has one cruel goal. Your death!

Lou Gehrig bravely took his swings
until he had struck out.
But sadly far too many folks
don’t know what he’s about.

But that has changed thanks to this craze
that’s drenched our friends with cold
in hopes we’ll wipe out A.L.S.
intentionally and bold.

Who would have guessed an ice cold bath
would aid this uphill fight?
Yet still we pray we’ll find a cure
for this most deadly plight.