Can the Two Become One?

Here’s hoping the new Congress can make vows of unity

Now that Congress has a reddish tinge
and isn’t quite as blue,
Republicans at last have cause to gloat.
But gloating isn’t what we need.
It is time for things to change.
Our nation voiced their wishes with their vote.

Perhaps we’d best remember that
not all that long ago
the leaders of our country made amends.
While Tip O’Neill and Reagan
disagreed much of the time,
they found a way to function as good friends.

Consider how at weddings
when we’re ushered how we’re asked
which side we’d like to sit on, groom or bride.
Yes, an aisle separates us,
but when all is said and done
what divides the guests is really not that wide.

Can’t both parties learn a lesson
from this wedding metaphor?
While there’s reason to draw lines from which we’ve come,
a marriage of two people
takes in stride their different strokes
as they promise to find ways to live as one.