One Father’s Proud Moment

A reflection of our Heavenly Father’s love

That little girl we nurtured
as a child takes the stage,
a silver tube pressed loosely to her lips.
The sounds she makes amazes,
both melodic and serene.
In my head I hear her friends say, “Lauren rips!”

Her tone would make James Galway
stand on tiptoe and take note.
Years of practice have paid off and I’m so proud.
While it’s freeezing here in Knoxville,
I am warmed by what I feel
as I sit back most contented in the crowd.

Yes, a parent’s pride’s permitted
when your grownup child excels.
Pride is proof that love is beating in your heart.
It’s a natural expression
of what cannot be contained.
It’s the fruit of what’s been growing from the start.

And the pride that I am feeling
is a picture of God’s love.
He delights in me because I am His son.
Being me, I feel His presence
though I cannot play the flute.
It’s enough to know He loves me having fun!

* This was written on the frigid February evening in 2015 when my daughter Lauren Star Asimakoupoulos gave her graduate flute recital at the University of Tennessee School of Music prior to obtaining her Masters degree in flute performance.