When Tempted to Quit Dreaming

Remaining hopeful when hope seems gone

Our baseball team is struggling.
But that is nothing new.
This is the time of year they usually swoon.
In April we have cause to cheer.
In May they win and lose.
But then we know what happens come mid June.

It’s tough remaining faithful
to a team that breaks your heart.
You can’t stay up when they keep falling down.
Just when we start believing
that their bats will catch on fire,
our lofty hopes come crashing to the ground.

And yet somehow we don’t give up.
Against all odds, we dream.
Our loyalty’s indicative of more.
In spite of how life falls apart,
we never call it quits.
We will not be defeated by the score.

Knocked down, we find our feet again
convinced that we can win.
The will to persevere is in us all.
Refusing to cash in our chips,
we play another hand
in cards, in life or in a game of ball.