An Emotional Response to Inside Out

Quieting the voices inside us

Inside Out’s a brand new movie
that portrays a little girl
who’s uprooted when her folks decide to move.
And the things she packs go with her
clothes and playthings and her moods.
It describes how little Riley lost her groove.

Riley’s moods reside within us.
They’re emotions we know well.
Joy and sadness, fear and anger and disgust.
When we move these moods move with us
making waves and causing stress.
It’s not easy to control them, but we must.

As they jockey for position
these five wrestle for the lead.
Fear begins in front and sadness lags behind.
But soon anger gains momentum
with disgust a distant third
while joy holds back with thoughts of being kind.

With God’s help joy overtakes them.
Faith stands up and feelings fade.
By God’s Spirit we can show our moods who’s boss.
While emotions hold us hostage,
there’s a ransom that’s been paid
by the Prince of Peace who died upon a cross.