Trump Towers Over His Rivals

Why I am baffled by his standing in the polls

Will Donald trump the others
who are playing cards for keeps
as Republican contenders show their hands?
Though Trump towers over rivals
who make jokes about his hair,
it is much too soon to bow at his command.

Watch “The Donald” duck his critics
who take aim at what he says.
He’s a moving bullseye everywhere he goes.
It’s unthinkable to think that he
could be our President.
He’s an arrogant brash know-it-all, you know.

Well, “The Apprentice” is no longer.
NBC said “Trump, you’re fired!”
Though he’s smart the things he says are often dumb.
Donald acts like a dictator
rather than someone who hears.
I suspect his wealth has left his heart quite numb.

And I guess that is my problem
with a candidate that rich.
Those with billions in the bank do as they choose.
They’re accountable to no one
without thought for compromise.
And they do the darnedest things to make the news.