On the Brink of a Holy War

Contemplating the cultural shift in our nation

I graduated high school in the spring of ’70.
I have great mem’ries of those times back then.
The Jesus People Movement
helped our nation heal from war
and wounds that stole our soul in Vietnam.

But then before I knew it
culture lost its grasp on truth.
We legalized what we’d considered sin.
Abortion, marijuana, same-sex marriage and the right
to freely choose just when our life should end.

We pledged allegiance to our flag
acknowledging God’s name
and even said we trust Him on our money.
But soon it became obvious
to reference God was wrong.
Our culture’s change of mind was hardly funny.

The moral code by which we’d lived
was broken and exposed.
Authoritative truth was deemed absurd.
What’s right and wrong is relative.
No absolutes exist.
This pagan process undermined God’s Word.

It hurts my heart to realize
the seismic shift afoot.
Our holy ground’s been shaken to the core.
We’ve lost our sacred center.
We are spiritually adrift.
We’re on the brink of yet another war.

It’s a holy war that’s waiting
between Evangelicals
and progressives who decry what we declare.
To embrace what we have cherished
as the hallmark of our faith
will result in consequences once thought rare.