From Rome with Love

The Pope visits America

From Rome (with love) a Father comes
to cheer his family
and wrap his arms around them with his words.
Pope Francis speaks the truth of Christ
with gentleness and grace.
He humbly feeds his flock most self-assured.

Amazingly, this man of God
is followed by the press.
Both chambers of the Congress welcomed him.
The lines of Church-and-State have blurred.
He gets a pass it seems.
The rules have been rewritten once again.

And though the man’s a Catholic
and I’m a Protestant,
I’m grateful for the message he conveys:
to understand the overlooked,
to overcome the past,
to offer friendship to both straight and gays.

The Exodus (Revisited)

A Prayer for the Refugees

Lord God, be near them as they flee
from terror, death and tyranny
in search of where they might live free.
They’re hopeful and they’re brave.

Like those who fled from Pharaoh’s hand
who trudged through barren sifting sand,
these, too, dream of a promised land
where life can start anew.

From Syria they migrate west.
These huddled masses (tightly pressed)
have little clothing, food or rest.
We watch their plight through tears.

O God, please lead them on their way.
Remind them why they couldn’t stay.
And for their children, Lord, I pray
that You will keep them safe.

And help me know what I can do
to help the helpless loved by You
until their wanderings are through
and dreams are realized.

FaceTime with the Pope

A tender moment points to a greater opportunity

They did FaceTime with the Pontiff
from the Vatican last week.
It was precious. Did you see it? ‘Twas a first!
Those who chatted were excited
to be chosen and to speak.
And it calls to mind a universal thirst.

Skyping with the Pope was poignant.
But I’m hoping that you know
I can FaceTime with the Father every day.
I don’t need a special hookup
or be chosen from the crowd.
I have the Lord’s attention when I pray.

Direct access is awesome!
Prayer is such a privilege.
I can speak my mind and bare my breaking heart.
For my Father’s not too busy
to attend to what I say.
And He loves to hear me sing “How Great Thou Art.”

So before you cave to envy
wishing you’d FaceTimed the Pope,
take a walk and share your heart with God above.
He is waiting (arms wide open)
to embrace you with His grace
and to whisper you’re the object of His love.

A Labor Day Prayer

Thanking God for our jobs

For our jobs we’re grateful, Father.
Full time work is hard to find.
We are thankful for a paycheck
on this weekend we unwind.
Labor Day provides the means to
contemplate how we are blessed.
Having meaningful employment
helps define these days of rest.

In our labor and our leisure,
we have cause to give Thee praise
even when we’re worn out working
or too stressed to simply laze.
God, we’re grateful for the means to
use our minds and hearts and hands
as we leave our homes each morning
for the tasks our jobs demand.

(The above poem can be sung to the tune for “Ode to Joy.”)