FaceTime with the Pope

A tender moment points to a greater opportunity

They did FaceTime with the Pontiff
from the Vatican last week.
It was precious. Did you see it? ‘Twas a first!
Those who chatted were excited
to be chosen and to speak.
And it calls to mind a universal thirst.

Skyping with the Pope was poignant.
But I’m hoping that you know
I can FaceTime with the Father every day.
I don’t need a special hookup
or be chosen from the crowd.
I have the Lord’s attention when I pray.

Direct access is awesome!
Prayer is such a privilege.
I can speak my mind and bare my breaking heart.
For my Father’s not too busy
to attend to what I say.
And He loves to hear me sing “How Great Thou Art.”

So before you cave to envy
wishing you’d FaceTimed the Pope,
take a walk and share your heart with God above.
He is waiting (arms wide open)
to embrace you with His grace
and to whisper you’re the object of His love.