The Exodus (Revisited)

A Prayer for the Refugees

Lord God, be near them as they flee
from terror, death and tyranny
in search of where they might live free.
They’re hopeful and they’re brave.

Like those who fled from Pharaoh’s hand
who trudged through barren sifting sand,
these, too, dream of a promised land
where life can start anew.

From Syria they migrate west.
These huddled masses (tightly pressed)
have little clothing, food or rest.
We watch their plight through tears.

O God, please lead them on their way.
Remind them why they couldn’t stay.
And for their children, Lord, I pray
that You will keep them safe.

And help me know what I can do
to help the helpless loved by You
until their wanderings are through
and dreams are realized.