Cubs Win!

It just might be the year

It’s the year that Ernie left us
and it just might be the year
that the Cubs of Wrigley Field go all the way.
What Ron Santo died believing
would in time be realized
may be just around the corner come what may.

Way back when Japan surrendered
at the end of World War 2
was the last time that the Cubbies danced the dance.
But they failed to win the Series
and a dry spell then ensued
that for seventy long years would steal their chance.

But they have a chance this season.
Series fever’s in the air.
Banks and Santo have connections in the sky.
If the fans just keep believing
and the players do their part
there’s no telling what will happen if we try.

Foul Ball Boy has been forgiven
and the goat’s curse is reversed
as the Friendly Confines boast a Jumbotron.
Cubs fans all around the country
are united by the hope
that their ‘much-loved losers” winning ways go on.