Wrigley Field is Holy Ground

Celebrating the undying faith of the Chicago Cubs’ fan

An ivy-walled cathedral stands at Addison and Clark.
The congregants assemble poised to praise.
But their dreams are dashed each season
as their prayers fall on deaf ears.
And yet these dreamers pray for better days.

To be a Cubs fan takes real faith.
Believing what’s not seen
requires true religion that breeds hope.
The faithful flock to Wrigley Field convinced their day will come.
Their years of penance fuel their means to cope.

Yet countless die still waiting
for the answer to their prayers
and are buried in their Cubbies red and blue.
The evidence of what’s unseen
remains within their hearts
and those who know that miracles are true.

Their faith will be rewarded.
It’s a matter just of time
when Cubs fans (the whole world over) loudly cheer.
And the Friendly Confines’ choir
will sing out through tears of joy.
Can you hear them? Just you wait! Is this the year?