Thanks Giving

What’s in a name?

Giving has a first name.
It’s the reason why we give.
A grateful heart has eyes for those in need.
Thanks Giving is a way of life
(not just a holiday)
since giving follows where our blessings lead.

What motivates our giving
is the knowledge God’s been good.
A grateful heart just tends to overflow.
When we’re thankful for God’s goodness,
we are overwhelmed with joy.
And then giving is the way we let it show.

Yes, Thanks Giving calls attention
to the action that’s required
when our grateful hearts acknowledge we are blessed.
First names tend to pose no problem.
They roll off the tongue with ease.
But the second name can often be a test.

Saying thanks is pretty easy
but the proof of what we say
is seen when grateful hearts reach out and give.
Thankfulness may be a feeling,
but the essence of that joy
is the generosity by which we live.