The Eyes of Saint Patrick

New lyrics to an old Irish folk tune

When Patrick’s eyes were crying
he winced at what he saw.
A nation filled with heathens
who broke God’s holy law.
Aware they needed Jesus,
he pointed out the way.
This shepherd of the Irish
cried tears of joy that day.

Then Patrick’s eyes were gleaming
with love for those he served.
A people born in darkness
whose faith was now assured.
He showed them God’s great mercy
and showed us how to care
by making time for others
and learning how to share.

When Patrick’s eyes were closing
as death was drawing nigh,
he welcomed what awaited
for those about to die.
He left this world believing
his work on earth was done
and all because he trusted
in God’s beloved Son.

*the above lyrics can be sung to the tune for “When Irish Eyes are Smilin'”