With Praise for Our National Parks

Celebrating the National Park Service Centennial

The Parks we know as National
are like a crown of gems.
A diadem of glory! But for who?
Yosemite and Yellowstone,
Grand Canyon, Mount Rainier
are treasures God bequeathed to me and you.

Death Valley and Denali,
Arches, Everglades and Bryce
are all members of a fam’ly we adore.
A President named Wilson
(some one hundred years ago) 
established these great parks and many more.

There’s Crater Lake, Saguaro,
Mesa Vertie and Big Bend,
Rocky Mountains, Mammoth Caves and North Cascades.
The Badlands, Zion, Grand Tetons,
Great Sand Dunes, Isle Royale.
My goodness, Uncle Sam, that’s some parade!

The NPS deserves our praise.
It’s kept this legacy
protected and pristine (deprived of scars).
So on this anniversary
of parks we know and love,
let’s celebrate this gift uniquely ours.