The Gospel According to (Another) Matthew

A prayer for a hurricane’s victims

The Gospel According to Matthew
isn’t good news at all. It’s insane.
This hurricane threatens the southeast
with its wind and its powerful rain.

A monster, the weatherman calls it.
A weather event that can kill.
Eyes are glued on this single-eyed cyclops
as despair dictates disaster drills.

After cutting a swath through Jamaica,
it pummeled poor Haiti with force.
And the death toll from Matthew’s still rising
as it threatens the towns in its course.

Not since Sandy has something this monstrous
sought to humble our national pride.
Matthew’s heartless and bullying prowess
is as tall as it seems to be wide.

Father God, help Your children in harm’s way
who are facing this storm surge head-on.
Give them faith to withstand what awaits them
and the means to rebuild when Matt’s done.