A Centennial Worth Celebrating

Paying tribute to the Boeing Airplane Company

For 100 years at Boeing
they’ve been making planes to fly.
Thanks to Boeing we found ways to win a war.
Boeing’s given wings to visions.
Far-fetched dreams were realized.
And in partnership with NASA rockets soared.

In their fact’ries in Seattle,
Wichita and Charleston,
Boeing’s birthed their birds with engineering pride.
Air Bus and McDonnell Douglas
can’t compete with Boeing’s class,
though for decades (Heaven knows) those two have tried.

Orv and Wilbur couldn’t fathom
how Bill Boeing would take-off.
He took flight in ways that caught the world by storm.
And the planes that Boeing gave us,
though a novelty at first,
have become (for lack of better terms) the norm.

Here’s to Boeing and their workers
as they celebrate this year.
What a milestone this is to say the least.
Thanks to Boeing and its partners,
airline travel’s safe and sound
as we fly the friendly skies from west to east.