It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s more than an unforgettable Christmas movie

It’s a wonderful life
even though it’s been tough
with the hardships and heartaches we’ve faced.
Our blessings outnumber
what’s brought us much pain
when we look back at times we were graced.

It’s a wonderful life
if we choose to believe
that our lives have touched others for good.
Through the words that we’ve said
or the deeds we have done
we’ve brought joy to the world (as we should).

It’s a wonderful life
we’ve been given by God.
What George Bailey discovered is true.
Every day is a gift
to unwrap and enjoy
while acknowledging someone needs you.

It’s a wonderful life
Christmas Day promises.
A life that goes on when we die.
A life most abundant
where love wins the day
and offers what money can’t buy.

*It’s a Wonderful Life premiered on December 20, 1946.
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