A Season for Starting Over

Why I love the start of baseball season

“Just wait til next year!”
That’s the phrase we repeat
when our much-loved home team comes up short.
It’s our mantra through winter.
It’s what kindles our hope
as we follow the scouting reports.

Next year has arrived now.
Our waiting is done.
The crack of the bat can be heard.
It’s time to start over.
It’s time to play ball.
It’s time for our hearts to be stirred.

Each spring I’m a youngster.
A boy with his glove.
I follow my team every day.
I listen while driving
or watch them at home.
I am focused on Fall as they play.

I know it’s just baseball.
But somehow this game
takes me back to the time I was young.
Playing catch with my cousin
(or workup at school)
come to mind when the Anthem is sung.

I love new beginnings.
Fresh starts feel so good.
The Bible defines them as grace.
The past is forgotten.
The slate is wiped clean
and everyone starts in first place.