Celebrating a True Dad on Father’s Day

How Phil Mickelson scored a hole in one

Phil Mickelson the golfer
is a father, but there’s more.
From what I’ve heard he also is a dad.
He’s a dad who loves his children
more than prize money or fame.
Priorities to him are iron clad.

The U.S. Open beckons
but this golfer won’t be swayed.
His daughter’s graduation matters more.
A dad (unlike a father)
knows the best trophy of all
is based on time and not the lowest score.

What makes a father “dad-like”
is denying his desires
and giving those he loves what they most need.
A dad invests the interest
that he earns by spending time
avoiding traps of selfishness and greed.

Check out: https://www.sbnation.com/golf/2017/6/8/15759852/phil-mickelson-us-open-2017-erin-hills