A Toast to our Next Door Neighbor / Children of a Common Mother

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday

A Toast to our Next Door Neighbor

This year’s our neighbor’s birthday
and I’m hoping that she knows
just how much it means to us that she is there.
She’s a friend we’ve grown to cherish.
She is generous and kind.
Yes, our neighbor always looks for ways to share.

Born in 1867,
she is strong beyond her years.
And this year’s a chance to celebrate her birth.
Raise a Molson or some Murchie’s
and then sing “O Canada”
to commemorate our next-door neighbor’s worth.

Happy 150th Canada!

Children of a Common Mother

Children of a common mother
share a border like no other.
There’s no wall that can divide us
based on all that yet unites us.

We both speak King George’s English
as we feast on chips and codfish.
While we Yanks prefer our coffee,
our dear siblings sip their hot tea.

Both our nations boast rare beauty.
Our resources fuel our duty
to preserve our Mother’s Nature
and protect it so it stays pure.

We are allies fighting terror
as we seek God’s help through prayer.
Brothers, sisters we’re united
and that makes our Mum delighted.

(the above words can be sung to the tune for the old Swedish hymn “Children of a Heavenly Father.”)