Remembering the People’s Princess

Celebrating the legacy of Lady Di twenty years later

The people’s princess won our hearts
and then she lost her life.
Two decades later we are still in grief.
Diana left us late one night
and didn’t say goodbye.
Her reign within our world was way too brief.

Her beauty went beyond her looks.
It showed in what she did.
She was the face of loveliness and peace.
Her efforts on behalf of those
who struggle to survive
are paying dividends. They’ll never cease.

And now as we recall the news
that took our breath away,
we can’t help wondering what might have been.
How proudly Di would celebrate
the little boys she loved
who shared their mothers grace becoming men.

How tenderly she would have held
the kids of Will and Kate.
How caringly she would have watched them grow.
The people’s princess would still be
the person that she was.
A living legacy as time will show.

Peace to her memory!