Where is God?

Reflecting on the tragedy in a little Texas town

So where is God when crazed men kill
their helpless victims sitting still
prepared to worship One who came
to rid our world of hate?

So where is God when children sing
their praises to the King of Kings
and bow their heads as they are told
because “God hears our prayers?”

So where is God when church folks die
before they have the chance to try
and run away from one intent
on emptying his gun?

So where is God when cynics sneer
and question how could He be near
when evil stalks the innocent
and steals the ones we love?

The answer is God’s everywhere
observing what we cannot bear
to contemplate or comprehend
because it is so cruel.

God’s weeping with us as we grieve.
Our world (unlike what God conceived)
is flawed and broken, filled with rage
and prone to self-destruct.

And yet God has a plan for good
displayed upon a cross of wood
that will (in time) redeem what’s wrong
and vindicate His name.