Let’s Hear It for Moms and Pops

Celebrating Small Business Saturday in a very personal way

There’s an independent bookstore
in the town that I call home.
It is owned by folks who also live nearby.
It is where I see my neighbors
when I stop to browse the shelves.
And it warms my heart to hear them call out “Hi!”

It’s a place where people know my name
and ask about my kids.
They make me feel important when I stop.
Our bookstore is a fixture
in our small community.
It’s a destination where folks go to shop.

And while a book is cheaper
at a box store or online,
there’s something to be said for “mom and pop.”
The independent retailer
is what keeps towns alive.
So when you’re prone to pass them by, please stop.

This Saturday (or any day)
it pays when we invest
in local businesses right down the street.
Their future is dependent
on the dollars that we spend.
We are the means by which these stores compete.

*This poem was inspired by Island Books on Mercer Island. This small-town independently-owned business was just awarded BEST BOOKSTORE OF 2017 by KING 5 Evening Magazine.