A Prayer for Washington Lawmakers

What I prayed at the Washington State Legislature on the eve of Washington’s birthday

O God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (and Jesus),
O God of Abraham and George,
on this the day before the actual birthday
of the one after whom our state is named,
I cannot tell a lie.

Having pledged our allegiance
to a tri-colored fabric
that symbolizes our unity as a nation,
we stand before You only too aware
of those things that threaten to divide us.
We acknowledge our need of Washingtonian-like honesty,
courage, vision, civility,
diplomacy, humility and faith.

Today we honor the memory of one
born to be our first president
who resisted the temptation of ambition
refusing to be a king.

But we also honor our heritage
as descendants of this one
we call the father of our country,

By George, may we be mindful of our birthright
in the causes for which we advocate,
the choices we make along the way
and the manner that punctuates our discourse.

Help us, Creator God,
to embrace our calling
as those created in Your image
to create (and recreate)
ways and means
for freedom to flourish
and justice to prevail
for Heaven’s sake (and ours). Amen.