An Easter Irony

Responding to the terrorists attack in Sri Lanka

The irony can’t be denied.
On Easter Sunday Christians cried
as in Sri Lanka hundreds died
while celebrating life.

A day for joy gave way to grief.
The night was long. And sleep was brief.
An Easter nightmare terrorized
the faithful and their young.

The One who robbed death of its sting
who welcomes praise we freely sing
now weeps with those with broken hearts
who bury loved ones lost.

O Say Can You See?

The cross still stands amid Notre Dame’s ruins

In the “City of Lights”
as the sun was setting
darkness dominated the familiar skyline
as Our Lady silently suffered.

That iconic Cathedral burned.
Her historic spire fell.
A glorious church was charred by smoke
and defaced by flames.

The faithful wept.
But not they alone.
The world grieved for what was lost.

O sacred place now wounded,
we mourn in the shadows of your twin towers.
But we are not despairing.
The message of this Holy Week inspires hope.
That which has fallen will rise again.

Death is dominated by life.
Ruin is replaced by rejoicing.
Good Friday gives way to Resurrection Sunday.

O say can you see by the dawn’s early light
the symbol of our Easter faith?
The cross still stands unscathed!
And Notre Dame remains secure.

We celebrate this artistic masterpiece
that continues to lift our heads
and focus our gaze heavenward
even as we worship the Creator
to which the Cathedral points.

God be praised!

When the Big House is a Full House

Exposing Lori Loughlin and Admissions-gate

The big house is a Full House
if Aunt Becky goes to jail
for bribing a recruiter at SC.
The lengths that Lori Loughlin went
to get her girls enrolled
is a scandalous depraved conspiracy.

With Uncle Jesse, Becky
was a clean cut wholesome aunt
who taught Michelle and DJ right from wrong.
But the real life LA housewife
with her husband Mossimo
has been exposed for cheating all along.

Admitting to Admissions-gate
would serve this actress well.
But that is not Aunt Becky’s attitude.
Instead she’s quite defiant
much to Stephanie’s chagrin
who shakes her head and smugly says “How rude!”

The Gospel According to Baseball

Spiritual lessons from America’s favorite pasttime

It’s a game that’s based on bases,
first and second, third and home.
And the rules remain consistent
whether played in Rome or Nome.

You must first head straight to first base.
You can’t skip it or take third.
Without rules there’d be no meaning.
Without rules games are absurd.

And the game of life’s no different.
Those who play it on their own
think that they can skip the bases
and then slide in late at home.

But there’s order to the process.
We must take each stage in stride.
Someone pitches us the Gospel
and explains why Jesus died.

First we must accept forgiveness
that He gave us on the cross.
After that it’s on to second
where we let Him be the boss.

Then we’re third base bound by serving
those around us who have needs.
And it’s likely we’ll remain there
’til we’ve lost our pride and greed.

Then in time our Coach will motion
that it’s time to head for home.
That’s the time we’ll know we made
it as the King smiles from His throne.

So the moral of this poem
is to let the game you love
help you understand the ground rules
that apply to what’s above.