The Gospel According to Baseball

Spiritual lessons from America’s favorite pasttime

It’s a game that’s based on bases,
first and second, third and home.
And the rules remain consistent
whether played in Rome or Nome.

You must first head straight to first base.
You can’t skip it or take third.
Without rules there’d be no meaning.
Without rules games are absurd.

And the game of life’s no different.
Those who play it on their own
think that they can skip the bases
and then slide in late at home.

But there’s order to the process.
We must take each stage in stride.
Someone pitches us the Gospel
and explains why Jesus died.

First we must accept forgiveness
that He gave us on the cross.
After that it’s on to second
where we let Him be the boss.

Then we’re third base bound by serving
those around us who have needs.
And it’s likely we’ll remain there
’til we’ve lost our pride and greed.

Then in time our Coach will motion
that it’s time to head for home.
That’s the time we’ll know we made
it as the King smiles from His throne.

So the moral of this poem
is to let the game you love
help you understand the ground rules
that apply to what’s above.