The Beaches of Normandy

D-Day is more than just A DAY

The beaches of Normandy.
It sounds so ideal.
A vacation destination?

History recalls
it was not a Rick Steves’ piece of paradise.
Far from it.
Far from home,
mothers’ sons stormed ashore
dodging bullets
all the while praying
they’d live to see tomorrow.

This bloody chapter
in the history of World War 2
is not an addendum or an afterword.
If anything,
it is the preface
to the peace in Europe
our grandparents dreamed of.

It recalls a war we know all-too-well.
It was a living Hell that claimed the lives
of countless kids
who died with weapons in their hands
and hope in their hearts
that Hitler would be defeated.

Yes, D-Day is
we must never forget
to remember.
It is A DAY
to say thanks.

This reflection of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day is dedicated to Huston Riley from Mercer Island who survived the landing on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.