The State of My Conflicted Heart

A prayer when life doesn’t rhyme

The state of the church finds me searching God’s Word
in light of our culture’s demands.
The state of the Presidency gives me cause
to question, to grumble, to pray.

The state of our union just doesn’t add up.
Divisions are multiplying.
United we claim, but we clearly are not.
It’s ugly. It’s dreadful. It’s wrong.

No wonder the spring in my step appears sprung.
No wonder my shoulders are stooped.
It seems that the song in my heart has been stilled.
I’m troubled. I’m anxious. I’m scared.

O Lord, calm the conflict that troubles my heart.
Ease the tension that strangles my soul.
Give me faith to believe that the future is bright.
I’m weary. I’m needy. I’m Yours.